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Test the API

This is the documentation for the Alpha News Stream API, providing you all the details of how to query the news API and get the results you want. Before you can make a call to the API you will need to be registered, and pass the X-Api-Key HTTP header with each call you make to the API.

Your X-API-Key: ****
The X-Api-Key HTTP header is automatically included in the quick start form below.

URL with parameters:

count: Headline count (integer). If not given, the default headline count is 100.
date: Date in YYYY-MM-DD format or the string “today”. Note that all times are in UTC.
start_date: Date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Note that all times are in UTC.
end_date: Date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Note that all times are in UTC.
start_time: Time in hh:mm 24-hour format. Note that all times are in UTC.
end_time: Time in hh:mm 24-hour format. Note that all times are in UTC.
latest: Returns latest N days of articles
symbol: Single ticker symbol. Symbols for exchanges other than NYSE and NASDAQ require a MIC suffix. Example: ATA.XTSE
summary: Include summary text in the output if yes
source: Selects the news source. If not specified, all news sources will be used.
The press releases sources are: Pressreleases = selects articles from all press release sources.
PR_Newswire = PR Newswire
Accesswire = Accesswire
Marketwire = Marketwired News (ceased service 7/1/18)
Businesswire = Business Wire
CNW = CNW Group
Globe = Globe Newswire
Thomson = Thomson Reuters (folded into Globe 11/25/19)
Pressreleases = All of the above sources
Financial = Core financial news sources only (includes all press releases)
reference: Retrieve a single article with a URL encoded URL.
sector: Select articles based on sector (list of values will be provided).
subsector: Select articles based on subsector (list of values will be provided)
topic: Select articles based on topic. The Topic tag is semantically generated based on an open source tagging system and include a variety of parameters. (list of values will be provided).
category: Select articles based on category. Categories are editorial tags added to identify a specific financial category or topic. (list of values will be provided).
headline_query: Select articles based on words in headline.
paywall_notification: When on, an additional data point will indicate whether the source of the article is paywalled as: Hard (most or all access requires subscription); Soft (articles are free to read until some limit is reached, then subscription is required); or None (all articles are free to read).